How to be orange

How to be orange
Titel: How to be orange
Auteur: Shapiro, Greg
Bestelnr.: 9789055948000
Uitgever: Scriptum
Prijs : € 14,95

Gregory Shapiro - the American Netherlander - is a comedian, columnist and awkward Dutch-speaker. For 20 years, Shapiro has catalogued his clumsy assimilation into Dutch culture with Boom Chicago Comedy Theater, Comedy Central and VARA HumorTV. Now, Shapiro teams up with illustrator Floor de Goede (Het Parool's 'Flo,' Dansen op de Vulkaan) to bring you the comedy show in tree-killing book form. 

If you're looking for an official guide to Dutch culture, this is not it. If you're looking for one man's completely subjective and utterly biased impression of Dutch culture, this is for you. 

Praise for theater tour 'How to Be Orange: Making the Dutch Take their own Assimilation Exam': 

'Shapiro plays deftly with clichés, and he knows how to transcend them. He lands his jokes with precision... as he revels in ridiculing the clumsiness of the assimilation exam - and himself.' - Het Parool 

'What's impressive is that he's lived in Europe long enough to be wellinformed
of local politics. What's more, he has developed a nicely nuanced perspective of his homeland.' - de Volkskrant 

'Greg shows us Nederland as an outsider sees it, which is hilarious.
Yet - all the while - one can tell he is truly proud to be a Nederlander.
A perfect match.' - Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions